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Visit Cade’s Cove In The Great Smoky Mountains

Visit Cade’s Cove In The Great Smoky Mountains

Take A Trip Around The Loop At Cade’s Cove

We love visiting Cade’s Cove in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We visit a few times every year but Fall is always my favorite time to go. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park contains a lovely little valley, and it is rich in history and abundant in wildlife and awe-inspiring views.

Cade’s Cove is visited by over two million people a year. No matter how many other visitors are there, it somehow always feels as though you have found a quiet, peace, a solitude, just for you. The wide-open spaces tucked between the protective mountains create a space that most find unforgettable. And like me, they call us all back year after year and even season after season. If you have not visited, you should.

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Cades Cove In Gatlinburg - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Cade’s Cove Cabins

There are several cabins along the eleven-mile loop which send you back to much simpler times. This one, the John Oliver Cabin, was built in 1822 or maybe 1823. Before the family was able to build this home they had to spend a winter in an abandoned Cherokee hut.

John Oliver Cabin at Cade's Cove

Cade’s Cove Wildlife

The wildlife is abundant in the area and of all the times I have been, I have only been once when I didn’t see a bear. But the park is full of more than American Black Bear. There are also deer in abundance and turkeys around every corner. The park is called home by coyotes, foxes, minks, otters, and even wild boar.

Deer in Cade's Cove
Buck In Cade's Cove
Wildlife managers closely monitor the white-tailed deer population and health of the deer in Cades Cove.

Cade’s Cove Loop

As you make your way around the loop. the views will have you pulling over again and again. The mountains surround and this time of the year they are especially breathtaking.

Cade's Cove Loop in Smoky Mountains National Park

Cade’s Cove Churches

Cade’s Cove is home to three churches and service continues to this day. Here you see the Missionary-Baptist Church which was built around 1915-1916.

Missionary Baptist Church in Cade's Cove

The Mill At Cade’s Cove

The John Cable Grist Mill was built around 1868 so it’s no wonder it’s had to have some recent maintenance.

Cades Cove Mill

Cade’s Cove Makes For A Beautiful Day

It’s easy to spend an entire day traveling along the loop. You could easily turn that into a weekend if you chose to visit the falls and walk along the many trails. We highly recommend a trip to Cade’s Cove to everyone visiting the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area.

sunset at cades cove

Information On Cade’s Cove

Cade’s Cove Website

Cade’s Cove Directions

Call: (865) 436-1200

cades cove

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