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Visit Hot Springs Resort in North Carolina

Visit Hot Springs Resort in North Carolina

Enjoy Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Hot Springs North Carolina

I have been interested in visiting the Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Hot Springs, North Carolina for a few years now. Hot Springs North Carolina is enchanting! Surrounded by The Pisgah National Forest, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the French Broad River, there is no shortage of natural beauty. The Hot Springs themselves are famous for their all-natural, hot, mineral waters which are heated deep within the earth, These crystal clear, healing waters are piped into Jacuzzi’s awaiting us right now. Yesterday I finally got to go! It was absolutely amazing. I brought my mother-in-law, the trip was her Mother’s Day gift.

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Hot Springs Resort

We soaked for an hour in the geothermal heated, healing, mineral waters. We got tub eight which is said to be a favorite and we soon found out why. Just past the tub Spring Creek rolls by and it is so peaceful and quiet you could easily fall asleep. The tubs stay between 98 and 102 degrees (bliss) and they have a cool mist system that keeps you cool enough even on very hot summer days.

Hot Springs Resort

The Hot Springs were originally discovered by the Cherokee Indians who recognized the healing powers of the waters. The 100 acre resort is now privately owned and well loved by its caretakers.

Hot Springs Resort

The grounds were gorgeous and it was so quiet and peaceful. We walked beneath a tree full of these beautiful blooms! The sounds of birds chirping and the waters rolling over the rocky floor of the river were all you heard.

Hot Springs Resort

I went to the hot springs with very sore ankles. I had recently taken up running and my ankles had ached for weeks. After about ten minutes in the healing waters my ankles started to feel extra warm, more so than the rest of my body, and by the time I left I could walk easily on them. Within two days the pain was gone completely and I was back on the treadmill good as new. I had been suffering with them for almost two weeks prior to my soak. So, from my personal experience I would say that these waters definitely heal! I am grateful!

Hot Springs Resort

The whole experience was wonderful, including the drive over winding roads cradled between mountain views. Poppies were cheerfully in full bloom along the sides of the highway. The early May sky was bright blue, small clouds lazily drifting through it. At one point we were startled by a giant turkey flying across the road. The views are breathtaking as mountain peaks rise like waves in the ocean all around you. If you have not had the pleasure of the driving through this area I encourage you to plan a trip. It’s one of my favorite drives.

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For more information visit the Hot Springs Resort and Spa here!

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