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Visit Rocky Mount Historic Site

Why You Should Visit Rocky Mount Historic Site

Rocky Mount Homeschool Days Review

We love visiting historic sites and our area has them in abundance. Still, every year we go back to Rocky Mount to enjoy Homeschool Days. Rocky Mount offers fun classes that teach us all about how life was lived in the 1700s.

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T has had the opportunity to work as a blacksmith, he has hand-dipped a candle, he has learned all about food preservation techniques and so much more. Every year we look forward to attending and this year was no different.

Rocky Mount Historic Site

We love to tour each of the buildings at Rocky Mount. But the best part is always speaking with the folks who call Rocky Mount home. No one leaves character no matter how hard you try to stump them. It’s so much fun!

Rocky Mount Living History

Check out this awesome beehive oven! We learned how it took hours to heat one up, how you had to seal the door with thick layers of mud and put another large coat on the outside. Once that dried and fell off you knew your bread was done. It was so much work to make bread that they only baked it once a week.

Beehive Oven

T and I both love to eat so learning about how the food was preserved in the 1700’s interests us. T has been wanting to learn how to dry herbs and spices and asked a lot of questions about how these were managed!

Dried Peppers and Herbs

I like the main house best! I would love to sit down and have a cup of tea with Mrs. Cobb.

Main House at Rocky Mount

Seriously, why don’t they package sugar like this anymore?

Old Fashioned Sugar Cone

The dining room is beautiful. I’d love to sit there and enjoy the candlelight.

Hand dipped candles

Or stay for a game of checkers or chess.

Old Time Games

Before we leave we like to visit the barn. Here is where we can visit the blacksmith or see the Cotswold sheep.

Blacksmith Work At Rocky Mount
Cotswold Sheep

You can visit in the Spring and watch them sheer the sheep and learn how the spun that and then wove that to make clothing and so much more.

Fall at Rocky Mount

Homeschool Days take place in September every year but Rocky Mount offers events all year long! My personal favorite is their Candlelight Christmas celebration.

Here are Five Reasons We Think You Should Visit Rocky Mount Historic Site

  1. History comes alive in the truest sense.
  2. Hands-on learning is the kind that sticks.
  3. This is the closest you can get to actual time travel.
  4. You gain a genuine appreciation for modern day conveniences.
  5. Learning the history of our country is the best way to understand our personal history.

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Rocky Mount Homeschool Days

The Details On Rocky Mount Historic Site

Location: 200 HYDER HILL RD. PINEY FLATS, TN 37686

Phone Number: 423-538-7396



Rocky Mount Historic Site

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