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Visit Winged Deer Park

Visit Winged Deer Park

Winged Deer Park has so much to offer! Hiking trails, bike trails, a pier, a playground, an arboretum, historic sites and on and on. Today I am sharing my favorite things about visiting Winged Deer Park. But the park offers much more than will be covered here. We recommend you get out there and start exploring right away.

Winged Deer Park is 200 acres of beautiful land located at 4137 Bristol Hwy, Johnson City, TN 37601. The park was once farmland.The current office is the original farmhouse which has been converted for administrative purposes but remains true to its era and absolutely gorgeous. You may think I’m odd for saying this, but I feel like its worth a trip to the park just to see the farmhouse. But then, I have a weakness for older homes that have been lovingly restored and this one fits the bill. But you need not call it a day after visiting the Parks and Recreation office because there is so much more. I’ll share with you how we spent our most recent visit 🙂

This morning T and I left early to enjoy a day outside. The rain and gloom have had us held hostage for almost a week and we couldn’t wait to get through those gates. H met us there and we started our day with a walk through the trails. We ran into a man who told us there were deer straight ahead but apparently we weren’t quiet enough because all we spotted were a lovely bunch of butterflies and a cardinal.

Winged Deer Park

We hiked the trails until the day had finally warmed up and then we stopped to hang out on one of the many benches that are available along the trails. (These two are so funny!)

Winged Deer Park

We also love playing disc golf and their course is one of our favorites. Winged Deer Park offers an 18 hole course.

Winged Deer Park

After disc golf we were hungry. There are several places to eat within about ten minutes of the park so we ran out and grabbed a bite and then came back. It was afternoon now and long afternoons spent sitting by the water and walking the pier offer incredible opportunities to relax. These are a few of the reasons we keep coming back.

Winged Deer Park

Everywhere we went we found wildflowers in bloom! Earlier this Spring we went and saw the bluebells which grow in giant waves along the trails. These had passed by but new blooms took their place.

Winged Deer Park

The scent of honeysuckle was thick as we followed the pier to the water. H spotted a baby bird with a broken wing and her and T went on a rescue mission.


We never did find the baby bird but we enjoyed the time spent exploring the water’s edge. T found a beautiful piece of glass that the water had smoothed. He imagined what part it may have played in the 1940’s farm that once was here. We decided to sit for a minute and just listen to the sounds of the water.


As we sat there we discussed how much we wish we had a kayak so we could cross the water and explore the cave straight across from us. It’s interesting that if the water wasn’t so low we would not have ever known of its existence.

Winged Deer Park

Before we knew it the day was almost gone but we still took the time to visit the playground and swing for awhile.

Winged Deer Park

Finally, it was time to go home. We had spent the entire day enjoying the park. With summer straight ahead, we know many more days lay ahead for us to return. And we will.

Check out this video to see more of what Winged Deer Park has to offer.

***Winged Deer Park hosts several events including the Deerslayer and Deerslayer Junior Obstacle Course every year. Here is T all mud covered after that adventure last month.***

To stay informed about events follow Winged Deer Park on their Facebook Page.

And finally, here is one of my Instagram shares that shows those amazing Bluebells I was telling you about 🙂

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